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Energy & Fatigue by Dr. David Musnick

Do you ever feel like you do not have enough energy? Although energy is affected by the amount of sleep an individual gets the feeling of not having enough energy is not simply feeling tired. Did you know that fatigue is a very common symptom in people over 40?


What is a normal amount of energy?  You wake up energized.  You can do all of your work and home activities. You have more than enough energy to exercise or do your normal sports activities. 


So what can cause reduced energy or feeling fatigue?  The list is large and includes common medical conditions like anemia(low blood count), heart , lung and kidney illness as well as hormone problems(especially low Thyroid and Testosterone ), Autoimmune conditions.   Causes also include post virus fatigue(ie long haulers COVID), reactivated viruses(ie Epstein Barr Virus, etc. ), Mold illness, Lyme and co infections, Concussion and mitochondrial dysfunction.  The average health care provider may be quite good testing and treating  the common medical causes of fatigue but may miss or omit testing and treating for  all of the other causes mold Biotoxins(Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, Lyme, reactivated viruses and Mitochondrial dysfunction. 


The mitochondria are your cellular organelles which make your energy molecule.  They can get damaged by viruses and toxins. They can be damaged by Concussion, Mold Biotoxins, Viral infections acute or Chronic and reactivated.  They can under produce ATP and thus one can feel fatigue. Also there can be more than one condition or factor contributing to fatigue.  You can do some generic things to support your mitochondria.   A few of these things are: eat organic when you can to limit pesticides and herbicides which can damage your mitochondria.  Take a very comprehensive multiple vitamin with all of the B vitamins as well as magnesium and zinc.  Try COQ 10 200 mg to see if it gives you more energy.  This is just a start but may be enough to improve energy.


Where would you start to get to the factors and causes as well as to heal your energy problem?  First get a very comprehensive set of labs and at a minimum ask for  a CBC with Diff, CMP, Thyroid testing including Free T3 and Free T4, Ferritin, CRP, ESR.  This set of labs will reveal most common medical problems.  IF nothing shows up here the next step would be more in depth hormone testing of Adrenal hormones and Sex Hormones ie Testosterone and Estradiol.  Virus tests can be ordered but they must be interpreted properly.  Did you know that more and more people are testing positive for reactivated Epstein Barr virus as well as other viruses.   The test is positive when the IgG levels are 6 or more times the upper limit of normal.  Did you know something can be done about chronic viral infections and most of the time there will be no prescription drug that is appropriate.  Did you know that mold exposure from water damaged buildings can leave mold biotoxins in the body that can cause fatigue and many other symptoms.  Did you know that exposure to high EMF fields can cause fatigue in some people. 


So in summary don’t accept fatigue as normal. Get comprehensive testing and find a health care provider who has a specialty in energy and fatigue to help you regain the energy that you need to  enjoy your life.


About the Author: David Musnick MD is a Functional Medicine and Sports Medicine physician at FMI Center for Optimal Health in Eagle, Idaho. He has many areas of expertise including Energy and Fatigue, Arthritis, Mold Illness, Hormones and Autoimmune conditions. He lives in Star, ID.

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