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RESET Testimonials

"The Reset program was great! I feel so much better. I’ve tried to stick to an elimination diet on my own in the past but wasn’t successful until I had the group coaching and accountability. Over 6 weeks, I lost 11 pounds - without even tracking my food or calories. My fasting glucose blood test went from 116 in February to 97 (within the normal range) in May. Thanks Marianne for all your help!" Stephanie, real Reset testimonial


Join us at the Meridian Wellness Center for a 7-week program designed to reduce inflammation in your body, reset your natural metabolic function, and restore your health and wellness!

This Program Will Benefit:
  • Anyone wanting a health reboot, jumpstart, or reset; looking to break unhealthy habits, make lifestyle or nutritional modifications to optimize health

  • Anyone looking to make connections and build lifestyle changes within a supportive group

  • Chronic inflammatory conditions

  • Autoimmune diseases

  • Stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels

  • Chronic conditions including: pain, fatigue, gastrointestinal and neurological conditions

Expected Outcomes:
  • Optimal nutritional support for processing and eliminating toxins

  • Identify food allergies, sensitivities, intolerances, and triggers

  • Reduced exposure to environmental toxins and inflammatory foods

  • Resetting compromised metabolism

  • Improve and rebalance your gut microbiome

  • Restore your body’s natural detoxification functions

  • Enhanced life satisfaction

  • Increased personal belief and confidence in the ability to make lifestyle changes that impact health for the better

The Food Plan:

A step up from our Elimination protocol, RESET removes inflammatory foods to support metabolic detoxification and improved immune function. You’ll learn how to eliminate cravings and dependence on processed foods and sugars – and more importantly how to replace them with tasty nutrient dense alternatives.

The Program Includes:
  • All 9 program appointments (Kick-Off, 2 Group Nutrition Visits, 2 Group Health Coaching Visits, Cooking Demo, and Finale)

  • Program Booklet

  • 2 BIA's


$349 Program Fee: Price includes all 9 program appointments, program booklet, and week 4 dinner, 2 body compositions. Also included, products from Siete Foods, Kula Connection, Cunningham Farms, Phat Foods, Banza, and more. This program is cash pay only, it will not be billed to insurance. Non-refundable.


The Schedule:

The RESET 2024 Program meets 9 times over 7 weeks. ALL appointments are in-person at the Meridian Wellness Center. There will not be a virtual option.



Kick Off: A desire, a hope, or maybe just a wish made you sign up. Now be inspired and ignite the change you want. This will be an orientation meeting to kick off the program. Learn how to prepare for the Elimination Food Plan and about incorporating lifestyle behaviors that support health and vitality. Meet others in the group on the same journey and start making valuable, supportive connections. Hear success stories of past participants and envision your own.

Date: Coming soon

Care Call: You will have a 15 minute call with our dietitian to personalize your goals for the program.





Nutrition: We will provide nutrition alternatives to inflammatory foods. We will deep dive into label reading, supporting gut healing, food as medicine, fighting against food cravings and so much more.

Date Option:

Coming soon





Health Coaching: We will take a deeper dive into the lifestyle changes, such as sleep, stress recovery, movement and exercise, hydration, connection, and mindfulness, that accompany this program and discuss the benefits and how to incorporate them into your life.

Date Option:

Coming soon





Cooking Demo: Let us be the chef! Our two dietitians will cook and serve you a three course meal. We will also review meal prepping concepts and tips to be successful.

Date Option:

Coming soon





Health Coaching: We will examine the mental, emotional, or physical barriers you are experiencing during the program, discuss the sources of motivation in your life, and highlight your progress. This is an important time to connect with other participants and share wisdom and learning.

Date Option:

Coming soon





Nutrition: We will discuss the importance of reintroduction and provide a very detailed pathway for how to incorporate foods back in your diet with mindfulness and symptom observation.

Date Option:

Coming soon





Finale: We will talk about how to take what you have learned and go forward long term. Define Your Path and get clear about what works for you. Get re-ignited for the healthy future you can create. We will also spend time taste testing nutrient dense foods that nourish your body for long-term health!


Date Options:

Coming soon




Care Call: Coming soonYou will have a 15 minute call with a dietitian to answer any personalized questions, answer any reintroduction specific questions and most importantly support your long-term changes moving forward.

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