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Utilizing leading-edge, holistic approaches for the thorough assessment and dynamic treatment of concussions and traumatic brain injuries.

  • Dr. Musnick has developed the Functional Medicine approach to Traumatic Brain Injury and has presented this at the Annual Meeting of the Institute for Functional Medicine on the Brain in LA in June 2017 as well as at numerous organizations around the country.

  • His approach to healing brain injury is published in the book Integrative Neurology, Oxford University Press 2020

  • Dr. Musnick’s approach addresses pathophysiology, neural inflammation, oxidative stress, excitotoxicity, brain oxygenation, brain stem cells, brain synaptic connections, protein folding, mitochondrial energy and brain structure

  • Dr. Musnick can manage new or chronic head injury cases and create a program for improvement in brain function and post-concussion symptoms.

  • Dr. Musnick will do an extensive initial assessment with a brain region localization questionnaire.

  • He may do blood brain barrier and hormone testing and treatment.

  • He will work on associated issues like insomnia, Depression, Anxiety, neck pain, headache, dizziness, vision problems etc.

  • Dr. Musnick’s starts with foundation treatments like a brain injury diet, supplements, Neuroprotection strategies, exercise, and brain training.

  • He may recommend and administer certain effective modalities  including: frequency specific microcurrent, audiovisual entrainment and laser. He may refer out for other treatments including hyperbaric oxygen, brain spotting, counseling and neurofeedback.

  • Integration of treatment strategies to restore brain and memory function

  • Treat post-concussion symptoms and all orthopedic injuries that do not require surgery.

  • Dr. Musnick has a team of professionals to refer to for treatments or assessments that he does not do.

  • Dr. Musnick can also manage medical legal cases involving head injury


Some assessment and treatment modalities he employs include:

Frequency Specific Microcurrent to stimulate synaptic connections, heal the blood brain barrier and decrease inflammation in the brain

  • Supplements: Dr. Musnick has developed a supplement program to address the pathophysiology of what the injured brain needs to heal in all of the damaged pathways and structures

  • Diet: Dr Musnick has designed a brain healing food plan to increase brain antioxidants, to improve brain structure and to decrease brain inflammation

  • Assessment and addressing intestinal problems and microbiome problems after head injury

  • Assessing and treating musculoskeletal pain

  • Antibody testing to the blood brain barrier and other brain structures and then treating if autoantibodies are found

  • Addressing hormones and correcting them

  • Treatments to improve sleep, stress and mood

  • Assessment and treatment of the complicated patient in regard to other factors that can impede healing including: past head injuries, mold, chronic infections, Gastrointestinal problems etc

  • Written and online neurocognitive assessments, including CNS Vital Signs and Cambridge Brain Sciences (take a sample test below)

  • Strategies to address increasing brain oxygen, stimulating NRF2 gene response, and decreasing brain inflammation and free radicals

  • Treatment to increase BDNF (Brain Derived Nerve Growth Factor)

  • Make an appointment today to be evaluated for a recent or past Concussion or TBI

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