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Evaluating and addressing memory disorders, cognitive impairment, and early-stage dementia. Exploring underlying factors impacting patients' memory, organizational abilities, and focus of attention.

​Memory, Cognitive Impairment & Early Dementia

Dr. Musnick has nearly 20 years of experience in assessing and treating memory disorders, cognitive impairment, and early dementia. He will look at the underlying factors that are affecting a patient’s memory, organization and focus of attention.


He considers factors like:

  • Brain toxins

  • Brain nutrients

  • Mold biotoxins

  • Brain inflammation

  • Post COVID brain issues

  • Diet - Dr. Musnick has designed an original brain healthy food plan

  • Stress

  • Electromagnetic fields

  • Growth factors including BDNF

  • Hormonal issues, blood sugar issues


He uses Frequency Specific Microcurrent to aid in restoring brain function and can suggest treatment approaches that include:

  • Exercise

  • Detoxification

  • Vitamins

  • Supplements

  • Diet

  • Brain training

  • Improving sleep

  • Treating mold

  • Treating viruses

  • Managing hormones and blood sugar


Make an appointment with Dr. Musnick to have your cognitive, brain fog, memory, focus issues evaluated and receive a comprehensive approach to improving your brain or the brain of a loved one.

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