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Shelby Stoddard

Shelby Stoddard is dedicated to unraveling the mysteries behind symptoms, offering hope and lasting solutions through her diverse healthcare background and commitment to small, impactful changes.

Shelby L. Stoddard, FNP-C, MS, CCT, FAAO, believes that uncovering the “WHY” behind symptoms is crucial for promoting optimal health. As a dedicated Nurse Practitioner with a diverse healthcare background, she finds fulfillment in offering hope that feeling good again is attainable. Shelby prefers to implement small changes that lead to consistent, long-term improvements. With experience in adult cardiology, the ISU medical residency program, rural family medicine in Island Park, and Nutritional/Functional Medicine, she has refined her skills over the past decade to deliver comprehensive care.

Shelby’s journey began in Pennsylvania, where she started as a CNA in 1993. She graduated from the Licensed Practical Vocational School in 1994 and earned her Bachelor’s degree in nursing from Millersville University in 2001. In 2002, she made Idaho her home and later graduated from Idaho State University’s Family Medicine Nurse Practitioner program. She is board-certified by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners and has guest lectured at Boise State University Nursing Department.

Shelby has received training in Functional Medicine practices from esteemed professionals such as Frank Shallenberger, MD, Robert Rowen, MD, John Lyftgoft, MD, Jeff Harris, ND, Scott Nelson, DC/Master acupuncturist, Tom Clarke, DC, American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM), and International Foundation for Nutritional Health. She has served as a supervising provider/lead in the FDA Clinical Research Study for the use of UVLRX Intravenous therapy in chronic illness and fatigue, as well as the study Investigator for the OPTIMA-G pain study using compounded pain cream as alternatives to opioid prescriptions for chronic pain syndromes.

Shelby understands that the integration of mind, brain, nerves, and immune systems is essential for overall well-being. She recognizes that sickness and disease can result from trauma, exposure to poisons/toxins, and pathologic insults, exacerbated by negative influences leading to further cellular damage.

Shelby’s passion for helping patients extends to her interests in mitochondrial dysfunction/optimization, chronic illnesses like Lyme disease, viruses, and parasites, immune system optimization/dysfunction, chronic and acute fatigue, oxygen/ozone therapies, prolozone injections for joints (especially knees), neural therapy, neurofeedback, thyroid management, weight loss/maintenance management, hypertension, endothelial dysfunction, stem cells, peptides, hormone optimization, anti-aging aesthetics, neuromuscular optimization, and intravenous nutrient support for cellular health.

Outside of her professional life, Shelby finds joy and relaxation in nature. Whether she’s fishing for bass, steelhead, and sturgeon on the river, hiking, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, mountain biking, or competing in NRL22 matches, she embraces the great outdoors.

Experience compassionate care with Shelby L. Stoddard.

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(208) 609-9130

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