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Experience personalized One-on-One mentorship with Dr. Mark Holthouse. Get tailored guidance on reversing aging using the latest cutting-edge science and customized optimization plans (PAR-1)

Become the CEO of your own health by understanding age and actively reversing it. Welcome to High-Tech & High-Touch where cutting-edge advancements in medical science merge with a personalized approach tailored to your unique needs. FMI CENTER FOR OPTIMAL HEALTH has the latest resources to make living longer — and better — absolutely possible!


After years of researching the best practice technologies with national thought leaders in chronic disease, Dr. Holthouse MD designed an innovative 12-month mentorship program that revolutionizes the way we approach aging and the chronic diseases of age. Based on the 9 published pillars of aging known in medical science, we are excited to announce Precision Age Reversal (PAR-1) – a visionary initiative built for those who are wholeheartedly committed to unlocking high-performance health and elevating quality of life.

Why Dr. Holthouse Created The Precision Age Reversal (PAR-1) 12-Month Program:

Precision Age Reversal (PAR-1) is not simply about living longer but living better, avoiding the suffering from avoidable diseases as we age. If you want to put off or avoid what happens by default to most people after they hit their 70s with chronic diseases taking over, creating a poor quality of life, then PAR-1 is for you! New discoveries and advances in genetics, testing and molecular biology have made it possible to look at how we age at a cellular level. Imagine having the power to not only slow down but frequently reverse the aging process at the cellular level—this means a direct impact on curbing the top 10 causes of death by slowing tissue and organ diseases. It's a game-changer for your health and longevity!

  • Aging is now seen as a disease in itself

  • Aging is now the #1 risk factor for the chronic diseases we all get in time: heart disease, strokes, cancers, arthritis, bone loss, dementia, hormone losses, diabetes and obesity to name a few


What PAR-1 Offers:

  • 1:1 mentorship with Dr. Holthouse to customize your treatment plan

  • Genetic assessment

  • Personalized diet and exercise based on your genetics

  • Vascular plaque burden and plaque vulnerability for rupture assessment

  • Vascular and systemic inflammation markers tested beyond what has traditionally been done

  • Advanced hormone and lipid assessments

  • Advanced body imaging testing

  • Cellular aging through specialty lab panels

  • Stool testing

  • Food allergy and sensitivity testing

  • DUTCH hormone testing

  • Body composition assessment for % body fat and lean muscle

  • Biological age assessment

  • Cancer screening beyond the standards of care

  • Supplement and pharmaceutical suggestions for your personal anti-aging protocol

  • Dietitian and coaching support

  • Personalized exercise 1:1 coaching program



Our Precision Age Reversal Program is individualized precision health optimization created to upgrade YOU. Your health deserves certainty, not guessing.



Metabolic Weight Loss

Maximize Energy
& Endurance

Increase Libido
& Sexual Performance

Activate Your Longevity Gene Pathways

Optimize Immune Function

Slow Your Cellular Aging Processes

Impact Chronic Illnesses of Aging: Cancers, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Dementia

Increase the Number of Productive and Engaged Life Years



We emphasize science-based precision medicine, personalizing every health decision based on your unique genetic and biometric blueprint.



We provide concierge-level executive health and wellness expertise.



Unlock the codes of longevity using advanced cutting edge therapy and the power of precision solutions.



A new paradigm that re-defines medicine from the old symptoms based disease model to one of high performance health in all aspects of life.



You will work with a team of Functional Medicine trained coaches and registered dieticians to evaluate some of your key test results to develop a plan specific to your genetic needs. 



We develop a personalized, measurable plan using imaging to assess your plaque burden, vascular age, genetics to determine the diet and exercise you need, your actual biological age and what foods trigger glucose spikes that accelerate aging. In addition we use stool testing and food sensitivity/allergy assessments. We are proud to bring for the first time, cutting edge, specialized lab panels that measure your markers for aging and will use this data and much more to measure your successes. 



Ultimately, PAR-1 focuses on the way we approach age by placing emphasis on personalized HealthSpan Solutions. Our approach is rooted in tangible data and practical solutions where you'll benefit from close and meaningful guidance with a highly skilled and experienced medical doctor or licensed practitioner, with extensive knowledge and a track record of proven success. Advancements in imaging techniques and growing understanding of age reversal have transformed what was once considered unattainable into an achievable reality for every individual. The traditional status quo is no longer the only option, as thrilling breakthroughs have emerged, offering exciting new possibilities in age reversal! Precision Age Reversal (PAR-1) is available solely at FMI Center For Optimal Health.


A Glimpse Into Intelligent Precision:

"This is Life-Changing and Life-Saving!"
Sharon B | Real Patient

​Call (208) 609-9130


Monday - Friday

8am - 5pm

About Dr. Mark Holthouse, Creator of Precision Age Reversal (PAR-1)

With over 34 years of practice experience, Dr. Mark Holthouse, MD is a globally recognized expert, mentor and professional educator in both Men's and Women's Hormone Optimization. This includes Bioidentical Hormone Replacement, with injectables, topicals and Pelleting. Expert also with other hormones: thyroid, adrenal gland, insulin imbalances. Beyond hormone expertise, Dr. Holthouse is certified in Peptide therapy and has been on the teaching faculty at Loma Linda University School of Medicine for over 10 years teaching preventive cardiology. Reversing/preventing heart disease, pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, optimizing body composition and expert in sustained weight loss. Additionally, Dr. Holthouse is highly experienced in managing environmental medicine with toxins, autoimmune, gut health, and general Functional Medicine.

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