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Unlocking Vitality with NAD+ IV Therapy




NAD+ IV Therapy can help you regain energy, promote healthy brain function/concentration, improve mood, lose weight more effectively, regenerate cells and more! At FMI CENTER FOR OPTIMAL HEALTH we find that addressing scavenger pathways and precursors to NAD+ profoundly affect how well and how long the benefits of IV NAD+ will be. This leads to a more comprehensive and optimal IV Therapy experience. Boosting NAD+ can aid in helping restore your natural levels to enhance your physical and mental wellbeing! The beneficial effects can last 4-14 days.

What can NAD+ infusion therapy help with? 

NAD+ infusion therapy may promote healthier aging, athletic performance and recovery, immunity, reduce fatigue and can help several mental illnesses, including substance abuse disorders, mood disorders, anxiety, and PTSD. It can also support Lyme disease due to its ability to aid enzymatic functions. We also use it to aid with hormone optimization and glucose metabolism.

How does NAD+ help with aging? 

Restorative processes depend on NAD+, and shortages can cause problems such as metabolic decline, cognitive issues, and a lowered immune system. An NAD+ infusion may counteract this, preventing issues before they arise. It may also help protect your neurons against the effects of neurodegenerative diseases. 

How does NAD+ help with mental illnesses? 

NAD+ is necessary for optimal mental health and recovery. NAD+ protects your neurons from damage, and may improve your cognitive function and mental clarity. It also may combat stress, fatigue, exhaustion, and a lack of motivation. 

NAD+ is especially helpful for those with a substance abuse disorder, because it often decreases cravings and discomfort during the detox process. 


NAD 250 MG $299 per infusion or $1,439 for 6 package plan - Save $355

NAD 500 MG $349 per infusion or $1,679 for 6 package plan - Save $415

NAD 750 MG $449 per infusion or $2,199 for 6 package plan - Save $495

Call (208) 385-7711 ext. 302 to book your NAD+ IV Therapy sessions!

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  • What is NAD+?
    NAD+ is derived from vitamin B3. NAD+ is a coenzyme found in all living cells. It’s responsible for transferring electrons and hydrogen in the Krebs cycle, making it a vital component for producing all of the energy your body uses. It’s involved in over 100 metabolic processes, and is considered one of the most essential building blocks for life. Unfortunately, NAD+ levels decrease as you age and in response to psychological illnesses. This negatively impacts your health in many ways.
  • What is the recommended course?
    We recommend that you undergo infusions daily for 4 to 10 days, depending on your state of health. We will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan.
  • Are there any possible side effects from IV Therapy?
    During the infusion, NAD+ can cause side effects such as nausea, brain fog, cramping, and muscle fatigue. However, these can often be relieved through slowing the IV drip.
  • Do you need a referral for NAD+ IV Therapy?
    We require that you consult with one of our providers if you have not been directly referred to our center by another knowledgeable provider that has accomplished the proper labs and preparations for a sustained and maximal effect. Giving IV NAD+ alone, without the proper additional steps, may be far less effective and may be less well tolerated.
  • Can I drive home after receiving NAD+ IV Therapy?
    Yes. There aren’t any lasting amnesiac or psychoactive effects of the infusion, so it’s safe to drive home afterward.
  • Can I eat and/or drink prior to my infusion?
    You can eat and drink before your infusion, although eating junk food is not recommended.
  • How are NAD+ infusions different from NAD+ supplements?
    Raising your NAD+ levels through supplements may not be as effective as through an infusion. Digestion is a problem for NAD+, because the substance is hard for the stomach to break down, making it less bioavailable. By bypassing the intestinal tract, the body is able to fully take in and utilize the NAD+ being administered. Infusions are especially recommended for those trying to have a more comfortable aging process, those with fatigue, those who are planning to detox, or who suffer from mental illnesses.
  • Is NAD+ Infusion Therapy safe?
    NAD+ infusion therapy is a safe treatment option. It’s a natural substance used in the body and is readily incorporated.

Call (208) 385-7711 ext. 302
to book your NAD+ IV Therapy sessions!

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