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Fatty Liver

Your liver is one of the most important organs in your body. It is a manufacturing plant for many biochemicals that you need for your body to work properly. Your liver produces bile, which aids in fat digestion. It also produces coagulation factors so you do not bleed excessively. Your body cannot function very long without a liver.

There is an epidemic of a liver condition called Fatty Liver. This is when there is excess fat in the liver, which can lead to liver inflammation, scarring, and loss of liver function. In Functional Medicine, we know that we should be looking for causes in order to help heal the liver. We also need to look at whether a person has leaky gut (intestinal permeability). Toxins can also lead to Fatty Liver.

Did you know you can have pain from a fatty liver? Did you know that Fatty Liver is very common but the average PCP and GI MD do not have an approach to slow it or to heal it?

At any yearly or wellness exam, you need to find out if your liver enzymes are elevated or okay. If they are elevated, you need to know if you have fatty liver with an ultrasound of the liver.

If you are diagnosed with Fatty Liver, you deserve to have a Functional Medicine approach combined with Frequency Specific Microcurrent to heal your liver.

At FMI Center for Optimal Health, Dr. Musnick can evaluate and set up a plan to help heal your liver.

About the Author: David Musnick MD is a Functional Medicine and Sports Medicine physician at FMI Center for Optimal Health in Eagle, Idaho. He has many areas of expertise including Cognitive Impairment, Early Dementia, PRP, Osteoarthritis. Energy and Fatigue, Hormones and Autoimmune conditions. Learn more about Dr. Musnick here:

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