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We dive deep into the root cause of health to deliver cutting-edge, proactive care.

A Founder's Membership To Be Your Absolute Best:

• 5 visits per year with a Board-Certified Provider

• 4 visits per year with a Certified Health Coach (1/quarter)

• 4 Nutrition appointments per year (1/quarter)

• 10% off Membership pricing on IV Therapies, Infrared Sauna/Red Light Therapy and Ionic Foot Baths

• 20% off Membership pricing on supplement purchases 

• 15% discounts at affiliate gyms

• Unlimited messaging between visits (Care Team)

• Individualized Supplement Care Plan

• Included: BIA - Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, to measure body fat % and lean muscle mass for body composition and fat loss goals



Best Value:
$300 price per month


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in my Founder's Annual Membership plan?

Our Annual Membership is a plan focused on providing functional care that includes:

  • 5 in-depth medical visits with your provider to:

    • Follow up on your medical questionnaires to understand your health history, and current health concerns, lifestyle, and diet.

    • Give you exams that will help your provider determine your risk factors, identify signs of nutrient deficiencies or toxicities, and give you recommendations for advanced testing and blood work.

    • Go over your personalized health plan, review results from your testing, discuss your progress, and work with you to adjust your plan to optimize health.

  • 4 visits with your Health Coach to address your recommended lifestyle changes and set necessary goals.

  • A personalized health plan that addresses your lifestyle, nutrition, sleep, movement, and mental health.

  • Access to advanced diagnostic testing for hormones, genetics, and more.

  • Unlimited messaging with your Care Team using your patient portal so you can always stay connected.

  • 20% discounted membership rate at our online supplement store.

  • 10% off membership pricing on IV Therapies, Infrared Sauna/Red Light Therapy and Ionic Foot Baths.

  • 15% discounts at affiliate gyms

  • A Supplement Care Plan based off your individual needs.

  • BIA - Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, to measure body fat % and lean muscle mass for body composition and fat loss goals.

We are a true health care system, not a disease management system.

FMI  NEW IG Posts (13).png

What’s not included in my Membership plan?

There are some costs that are not included in your Membership and may require out-of-pocket expenses:

  • PCP / Primary Care

  • Lab test costs: Many tests are covered partially or fully with insurance, but some may require a copay or may not be covered at all. Specialty tests (like stool, urine, and saliva) are not included in your Membership.

  • Health care services outside of what is specified.

  • Additional complementary healing modalities recommended by FMI Center For Optimal Health.

  • Supplement costs

How much does the Membership cost?

An annual Membership is $3,600 upfront, which saves you $348. Or you can pay in monthly installments of $329 month to month.

Does insurance cover FMI Center For Optimal Health services?

Our Memberships are cash-only. After each visit, you can ask your medical team to prepare a medical invoice or “superbill” that details the information your insurance company needs to process your claim, including CPT codes for services performed, as well as ICD-10 codes for diagnoses. Afterward, you’ll need to submit the superbill to your insurance company and follow their specific claim process.

We know this can be a lot, so if you have any questions while going through the process, you can always reach out to your medical team for support. Many of our members use their FSA/HSA to pay for clinical fees, specialty tests, and supplements. However, we recommend checking with your FSA/HSA company/carrier for more information and details as to how you can use these funds.

In case there is any additional documentation you need, we’re more than happy to help get you the necessary paperwork.

Any other questions? We’re always just a message away.

How do I cancel my plan?

You can cancel your plan after 3 months, before the next payment is processed. Payments are processed on the 5th of every month.

Does my Membership automatically renew?

Your Membership is set to auto-renew every year. If you have any questions about your Membership, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at (208) 609-9130.

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