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Memory, Brain Impairment and Sharpness

Do you ever feel like your memory is not as sharp as it used to be? Do you have any problems finding words or remembering conversations? Are you forgetting why you went into a room or what you were looking for? Do you have any trouble with balance, multitasking or organizing?  Do you think it is simply normal for a person of your age? Actually these symptoms are not normal at any age and they are concerning symptoms that need to be thoroughly evaluated and treated.   Unfortunately the average PCP or Neurologist does not look for causes or the mechanisms of these brain symptoms. They will either reassure you, give you a drug that does not work or tell you to return in 6-12 months so that they can tell you if it is progressing, turning into Dementia etc.   Did you know you can actually get a “Cognoscopy” which is a yearly evaluation of your brain and how to keep it healthy? Did you know that everyone, but especially those over 45, should have a goal of keeping their brain healthy?


Any of these symptoms can be signs of early cognitive impairment. Sometimes people (you or people in your family) think these symptoms are funny or annoying but these symptoms can be the first signs of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) or even early Dementia. 


Dementia is preventable and not inevitable. MCI is totally treatable and your memory or other brain problems can be addressed and usually can return to normal.


Did you know that everyone can and should have a goal of keeping their bran healthy? Did you know that everyone loses many neurons and synaptic connections every year and that the rate of loss can be slowed? Brain reserve is the number of neurons, their synaptic connections. The more connections that one has, the better that area of your brain works.


There can be many causes for brain problems. If causes are looked for and if causes are treated you can have a much higher chance of having much better or normal brain function than if we simply try to improve your brain function via supplements. Unfortunately, drugs for the brain related to Dementia do not work very well nor do they address underlying problems. Drugs targeting Amyloid plaque removal actually can make people worse rather than better.


Causes and contributing factors:

Blood brain barrier permeability, loss of neurons and synaptic connections, Lyme disease, Mold exposure and Biotoxin, Epstein Barr virus and other viruses, Long COVID, post vaccine brain inflammation, Brain Mitochondria dysfunction, brain inflammation , concussions, EMF exposure to WiFi, electric beds, home security and smart homes, hormone deficiencies.


What you can do:

Protect what you have. How: wear a helmet when skiing, biking, scooting, blading etc.

Decrease EMF exposures by: turning the wifi off at night, turn your smart panels into regular light switches, replace Bluetooth devices with wired devises.


Diet: Eat organic and non GMO

Make smoothies with frozen wild blueberries, alternative milks and parsley (this has apigenin and is anti inflammatory).

Eat pasture raised eggs because they are filled with Choline that is good for your brain.


Exercise regularly with cardio at least 4 days a week and weights 3-4 days a week..

Get 7 or more hours of sleep.


Challenge your brain with brain activities that you are having difficulties with. Like if you are having trouble with finding words, play Scrabble and do crossword puzzles. Having trouble with balance, see a Physical Therapist for an assessment and to get balance exercises.


There are a number of highly beneficial supplements for your brain but it is out of the scope of this article to list them and recommend dosages as they are related to causes.


Get a Cognoscopy brain check up once a year. Make sure the doctor you see for this brain checkup has studied the Bredesen Protocol and RECODE. Make sure they are experienced in Functional Medicine for the Brain.


In this visit make sure you get a minimum of the following:

-Brain testing with either a MOCA test or a SAGE test

Lab work including:

-Appropriate hormones, Thyroid, B12 , Epstein Barr Virus

-Other tests depending on your history

-An AAPOE4 test should be run one time and if it is APOE4 you should have additional counseling how to deal with that.

-Get suggestions as what to do to reverse your symptoms and additional suggestions on how to keep your brain healthy


So in summary, don’t accept brain symptoms as normal or funny. Get comprehensive testing and find a Functional Medicine health care provider who has a specialty in Cognitive Impairment, Brain Health to evaluate and suggest a treatment plan.


About the Author: David Musnick MD is a Functional Medicine and Sports Medicine physician at FMI Center for Optimal Health in Eagle, Idaho. He has many areas of expertise including Cognitive Impairment, Early Dementia, PRP, Osteoarthritis. Energy and Fatigue, Hormones and Autoimmune conditions. He will be giving a free talk on Brain Health on 5/17/24 at the Eagle clinic and you can call 208-609-9130 to make an RSVP.  He lives in Star. ID. Learn more about Dr. Musnick here:



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