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Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Dr. Musnick is a board-certified medical doctor who offers in-person and telemedicine care from the Functional Medicine of Idaho Eagle clinic. Dr. Musnick has more than 25 years of experience in Functional Medicine and has achieved a high level of experience and expertise with additional health conditions, including Sports Medicine, Functional Immunology, and Primary Care for adults and teenagers. Dr. Musnick is well trained in the rare microcurrent theory, Frequency Specific Microcurrent. FSM is a treatment that delivers micro amperage currents in specific frequencies for certain durations by electrodes or graphite gloves to specific tissues. It is recommended for patients to heal tissues, decrease or totally resolve pain, and heal the pain processing system.



If FSM treatment is a good fit for a patient’s health needs, the treatment plan will involve a specific program of frequency pairs that have been clinically evaluated. The program and frequency sequences are very well designed by Dr. Musnick to treat various tissues and conditions in order to improve the patient’s condition. Dr. Musnick chooses the best program based on the patient’s condition and records the program(s) used and the results found per session. Dr. Musnick may also incorporate joint mobilization or PNF movement patterns during sessions. 


Treatment sessions typically take 20 minutes to an hour and sometimes longer if deemed necessary, especially if a patient has chronic pain. Dr. Musnick ensures patients feel comfortable to comment on how they feel during and after each session.

Dr. Musnick educates each patient and explains the amount of sessions recommended to treat individual conditions. On average, Dr. Musnick recommends one treatment session per week, for 4-6 weeks. Noticeable differences are typically seen by the 3-4th treatment, but consistency of treatments are important. Chronic pain can take a concerted, consistent effort to heal. If there is a recent injury, the recommended amount of treatment may be less.



The cost of an individual session is variable depending on the program(s) used, the use of manual frequency combinations and the manual work by Dr. Musnick. If more than one program is needed, the cost may be higher as the treatment times can extend greater than 45 minutes. Dr. Musnick discusses the expected cost for the first 2 sessions and then the cost of future sessions can be more easily determined once the patient’s response to programs and frequencies have been evaluated.



No. Dr. Musnick only uses Frequency Specific Microcurrent equipment that he can set the frequency pairs or devices that have been programmed with sequences of frequencies researched by Dr. McMakin. It is the unique combination of individual frequencies in pairs and sequences in particular programs that can make the treatment so effective.



  • It is not a TENS treatment or a TENS unit.

  • It is not single frequency electrical stimulation as done by most physical therapy clinics.

  • It is not acupuncture, although microcurrent can be used during acupuncture.



The currents are small and there are minimal to no side effects. Patients are encouraged to inform Dr. Musnick if they experience any side effects. Sometimes a person may feel a change in pain or nerve symptoms and may overdo things afterwards if they are feeling particularly well, causing a temporary flare up especially if the pain was markedly reduced and range of motion was increased significantly. 


If you would like to learn if Frequency Specific Microcurrent is a beneficial investment to your own health, contact the Functional Medicine of Idaho Eagle clinic for further details or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Musnick.


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