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New Intro Opportunity with Dr. David Musnick

We are excited to share an exclusive introductory opportunity with Dr. David Musnick!

Dr. Musnick has over 35 years of expertise in Orthopedic Medicine, Sports Medicine, and Functional Medicine and is currently offering a special 1-hour Introductory Consultation with him at FMI Center for Optimal Health in Eagle. Take advantage of this limited-time special at a 50% reduced rate from now until January 31st. Dr. Musnick's credentials extend beyond traditional Functional Medicine training. He is well-versed in Functional Immunology, injection therapies (Scar treatments, PRP, bone marrow aspirate injections), Frequency Specific Microcurrent, and Homeopathy. With chapters in numerous books and nationwide lectures, Dr. Musnick stands as a distinguished expert in the field.

This Introductory Consultation is ideal for addressing various health concerns, conditions, and symptoms, including but not limited to:

Brain and Nerve-related:


Cognitive Impairment

Multiple Sclerosis




Arthritis (neck, low back, hands, knees, hips, shoulder, etc.)

Shoulder Rotator Cuff partial tears

Knee and Hip arthritis

Tendonitis (Knee, Ankle, Elbow, Wrist, Shoulder)

Disc and nerve problems (neck or low back)

Carpal tunnel and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome


Pain conditions

Functional Immunology:

Chronic Viral infections (including EBV)

Lyme and co-infections

COVID Long Haulers

Allergic conditions

Mold biotoxin illness

Autoimmune conditions

Functional Medicine:



Vagus nerve and Gut motility issues

To maximize the benefits of this Introductory Consultation, you may be asked to bring copies of any relevant lab tests and imaging or radiology reports. Don't miss this opportunity to consult with Dr. Musnick and take a step towards optimal health.

Schedule your appointment before January 31st to secure the 50% savings! Call or Text (208) 609-9130, or schedule conveniently online by clicking here:


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