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6 Things That May Be Sabotaging Weight Loss Efforts

Updated: Feb 29

Weight loss can be a challenging journey, often complicated by factors beyond just diet and exercise. Many lifestyle habits and health issues can interfere with the body's ability to shed excess pounds. Here are six common disruptors frequently seen in our clinics:

Toxin Exposure: Daily exposure to toxins can contribute to weight loss resistance and various health issues.

Poor Microbiome Health: Your diet plays a crucial role in your gut health. Eating processed foods and sugar can disrupt the balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut, leading to increased fat around your organs and metabolic issues.

Poor Sleep: Irregular sleep cycles can lead to leptin resistance, a hormone that regulates fat burning and appetite. This can trigger your body to store fat unnecessarily, making weight loss difficult.

High Stress Levels: Chronic stress can impact your weight by slowing down your metabolism and increasing food cravings. Managing stress through mindfulness techniques like prayer, meditation and deep breathing can support your weight loss journey.

Hormonal Imbalances: Hormonal imbalances can hinder weight loss efforts. Lab tests can help identify these issues, allowing you to address them effectively.

Wrong Kinds of Exercise: Given the uniqueness of individual body types, it's crucial to integrate suitable forms of movement into your lifestyle. Certain types of exercise can elevate stress hormones, potentially hindering the body's efficient fat-burning process.

Remember, weight loss is just one aspect of overall health. Prioritizing your health and addressing underlying issues can lead to sustainable weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. Ready to take control of your weight loss efforts? Contact FMI Center for Optimal Health to learn more about our precisely crafted 5 Month Weight Loss program where we take a whole-person approach to sustainable weight loss. Call or text 208-609-9130 or inquire online at!

Real Client Testimony

"I’ve been working with Amber Warren and during our first appointment, she took the time to listen to my whole history, concerns, questions, etc. She helped me with strategies for diet, supplementation, and exercise and as a result, I've lost nearly 40 lbs in 6 weeks. Everyone at the Eagle office is helpful, pleasant, and quick to respond to all of my inquiries. If you are searching for real solutions and strategies for root problems, I could not recommend Amber, her team, and the FMI CENTER FOR OPTIMAL HEALTH more!" -Zach N

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Our expert providers are able to see you in-person at our Eagle, ID location or virtually in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, Utah, Montana, Florida, and Utah!


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