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Amber Warren, PA-C, IFMCP

Adult Functional Practitioner

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Amber Warren received her Masters in Physician Assistant studies from Midwestern University. She has completed the educational requirements for the Institute of Functional Medicine and is a fully certified functional medicine practitioner. She has additional training in environmental medicine, detox, mold illness, thyroid disease, hormonal imbalances, and autoimmunity. She started her career in orthopedic surgery, appreciating anatomy and physiology, but ultimately had a desire to investigate the body as a whole. She eventually moved into the field of rheumatology, fascinated by the immune system and chronic disease management. It was in this space that she started to study natural healing of autoimmunity and further explored root causes of autoimmune and disease in general, and was fascinated by where her investigations led her.  Wholeheartedly passionate about nutrition, she started to implement “food as medicine” with her patients, and saw dramatic improvement in symptoms and ultimately a reduction in the need for pharmaceuticals. 

A career in functional medicine has allowed her to incorporate additional tools she believes are needed to heal the body- including detoxification, stress resiliency, movement, nutrients, community, a strong microbiome, and a belief that your body can and will heal. 

Outside of her career, Amber enjoys mountain biking, skiing, and anything in the great outdoors with her three boys, husband, and amazing community. 


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